Why Tracking Trends During Store Audits is Important

By on July 8, 2014 | Topics: Task Management

In game 5 of the Eastern Conference Championship, the Indiana Pacers held LeBron James to 7 points.  Five of his teammates scored more than he did, and he only played in half of the game because of foul trouble.  For LeBron James, you could say that was not one of his better games.

A game like that has some similarities to a store audit.  Sometimes a store is just having an off day when you look at certain performance metrics.  Maybe the manager missed a few things that she normally does not.  However, other stores might end up having a great review.  They found out about objectives beforehand, and rushed to “complete” a bunch of tasks.  In the game mentioned above, Rashard Lewis scored 18 points for the Miami Heat, 13.5 points more than his average for the season.  There are just some days in which everything goes your way.

If you only get a small snapshot of what is going on at your various locations, it can be easy to overlook your top performers or not recognize the areas that need improvement.  When your store audits happen on paper, this may very well be the result.  The person doing the audit may recognize that the days were not true to usual performance of a given store but higher-level management that only sees the stat line on occasion will not be able to understand the trends of that location over time.

The nice thing about audit software is that trends can be tracked over time, and results are saved.  Ask yourself; can I easily compare my latest store audit to the previous trip?  How about the previous five?  If you cannot, the lack of being able to do so strongly limits the effectiveness of your store audit process, whether it is digital or on paper.  A clearer picture of what is happening comes from a video, which is a bunch of the snapshots put together.  When you only see one still frame here and there, you could miss a lot of details about what is happening.

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