Why Proper Execution of Your Store Audit Software is Important

By on August 20, 2014 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks

A customer of ours once told us that if he used every solution at a trade show, his labor would be reduced to 5%, his food costs would be under 10%, and his profit margin would be so high he would not know what to do with all of the money their company was making.  The reality is that this is never going to happen, and you cannot use and properly manage every tool on the market.  However, no matter what tools you are using, it is important to use them well to reach your performance goals.

You get out of something what you put into it.

In today’s market, the big question with every initiative is: “What is the ROI?”  Savvy business owners and executives alike want to know if the products and programs they invest their time and money into will help them meet their performance goals, grow the business and make it more profitable.  In order to realize the ROI for anything you use, it has to be used properly.  You can order LED lighting to reduce your energy costs.  However, if they just sit in the back and you never actually install them, they are not going to save you any money.  You have to put them in and use them in order to get the ROI that the lighting company promised you.

The point of a store audit software is to give you actionable data to act upon.

When it comes to getting an ROI from your store audit software, there are two pieces that are very important.  The first is to execute the software properly.  Second, you have to make sure that it is intuitive and people are answering standardized questions to give you proper feedback that you can analyze to get real results.

If you are using a mobile store audit solution properly, it is going to help you validate performance in your stores and achieve proper execution across a variety of tasks and initiatives.  This means that you can verify those important priorities you are pushing are getting the additional attention so they go as planned.  Additionally, a good store audit software application will include photo validation to help you figure out why something didn’t go well.  If a new product merchandise display did not sell as planned, there are a few reasons why this could happen.  Maybe it was not set up in time.  Maybe it was not set up properly.   Maybe the strategy was executed properly, but it just is not the best item.  Getting photo validation from your store audit software can help you figure out what went wrong because you have more information than you could get with simple paper checklists.

It is no secret that proper execution helps drive more sales and makes your business more successful.  Do yourself a favor and get a store audit software solution that will help make sure that your execution is better than ever before.


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