Track Trends for Great Store Conditions All Day Long

By on August 8, 2014 | Topics: Culture, Employee Training

A client of ours mentioned one of his customers told him that he had a totally different store at night than he did during the day.  When you think about it, this is probably a likely situation for many organizations.  Your exemplary performance has to go far past 5 PM when the usual store manager and department managers in charge of compliance monitoring leave.  How can you know that those high standards you set are being met if the people you put in charge of enforcing them cannot be there every hour that the stores are open?

Complete store audits at night.

Whether you use paper checklists or a store audit software application, it is important to vary the times that store audits happen. Make sure some audits are being completed later in the day.  After all, a lot of traffic for many businesses happens after 5 PM when customers get done with school or work.  In order to be successful, it’s key to have excellent store conditions every hour of the day.

Train your employees better.

Through all of the shift changes and different personnel, meeting your high standards can be a real challenge.  It is important for every employee to know they need to be meeting standards, what those standards are, and how to accomplish them.

Inevitably, there will be mistakes made in any business.  However, having the right tool for the job to catch those errors and correct them is what makes your business better.  Every employee requires a different level of guidance and can flip their work happens at different paces.  Some people need to be told once, and others might need additional reminders

Track trends for training opportunities.

One of the biggest benefits of store audit software is the ability to track results over time and compare them much more efficiently than paper reports.  Being able to see whether a failed standard was a one-time issue or common occurrence is what you need to be able to help employees improve on their performance.  In either case, being able to track those training opportunities is vital to that improved quality of work.

Varying the time of day that you do store audits will help you to improve your business, no matter what format you use.  Using a tool like a store audit software solution is what will help you get to that next level and make real improvements for all of your staff members, not just those working the typical 9-5 hours.


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