The People in Your Company: Best Practices for Employee Motivation

By on February 17, 2014 | Topics: Culture

“You’re what we’re famous for.” ~ Neiman-Marcus 1970s Employee Handbook

If you happen to keep up with Taskle on social media, you’ll notice many of the posts link to tips or advice about the work morale and human capital in your company.  This is because your “frontline” is whom your customers deal with and is truly the face of your company.  So it’s no surprise that we suggest ways to make your employees happy at work: they are more inclined to do their best job, which means profitability for you and happy customers.

Many of the links we have posted discuss generational differences and understanding your employees’ personality types.  I suggest encompassing these pieces of advice as well as a Blue Ocean Strategy approach (if you’re not familiar with the concept, a blue ocean refers to an untouched market place as opposed to a red ocean where the sharks have gobbled up all of the potential food).  The employee part of Blue Ocean Strategy is crucial to new companies and companies making big changes.  The main principal to improve employee motivation is being completely open and honest on all levels in the company.  This lets your employees know they are important and helps them be more open to changes.  If the employees don’t feel lied to, but rather as though they are needed to help the company reach its goals (and they are needed for this), they will work towards these objectives and make them their personal goals as well.

One way you can keep your employees up-to-date is a monthly newsletter that maybe even includes a poll asking for their opinions on company-wide issues.   Or put a small slip of paper in their paycheck with a Web address for them to submit their opinion.  Something as simple as a poll can go a long way to help your employees feel like a part of your team.  Sit down and brainstorm ways to keep your employees included and start implementing your ideas to immediately improve your team’s morale.

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