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Each business is unique and managed differently. But you shouldn’t need a separate tool for all of the initiatives and tasks you need to get done on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Being able to manage all of this from a single platform would save you time and money. It turns out there is customizable task-management software out there and here are a few of its uses.

Store Audits and Store Walks

Whenever a manager or other employee visits a store to do an audit he/she usually has a clipboard and a pen ready to go. Not anymore. Now he/she can have a smartphone or tablet with a software application that stays up-do-date and reduces paper waste.

You can use the checklists you already have for store audits. The only difference is you can add or delete tasks as they come in and out of relevance. The results of your visits are also compiled into reports so you can see how each location, or your company as a whole, is performing.

Daily Task List Management

Each day your stores have a set of tasks they need to complete. These could include stocking a particular product on a shelf, working on a plan-o-gram, or facing a certain aisle. Instead of keeping track of this using pen and paper checklists, you can verify completion and track progress of these daily task lists with a software application.

Sweep and Bathroom Logs

Many companies have a sweep log and bathroom log that gets worked on at least daily if not multiple times per day. The problem is, people don’t always do these but rather, they just initial that they did all of the checks at the end of the day. With a software application, the time is recorded that the task was marked completed. This allows you to ensure that your stores are clean at all times of the day.

Temperature Logs

Temperature logs are not something to take lightly. Food that is either too hot or not warm enough can be dangerous. Instantly verify that your products are of the highest quality possible by using a software solution for your temperature logs and other quality control checklists.

Secret Shopper

Similar to store audits, you can put checklists for secret shoppers on the Taskle software. Maybe you want them to pay extra attention to a certain part of the store today. Set this up as a task for them. All they have to do is have the Taskle app on their smartphones. Not to mention, a secret shopper will look a lot less conspicuous with a smart phone rather than a clipboard, but she will also be better able to manage her tasks than just making a mental note.

Long story short, customizable store audit software can be used for lot more than just audits.  The best part is that you can manage virtually all of the checklists in your organization from one platform. This means less investment and more productivity for you.

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