bluetherm_bluetooth_probeOne of the biggest temperature log concerns is taking temperatures correctly. Errors can be made by mistake or by cutting corners when correcting product that is out of the acceptable temperature range.

Soon, Taskle will be removing this chance for error by automatically logging temperatures from integrated sensors. A temperature probe is used to read the temp, sent to Taskle using Bluetooth, and Taskle alerts the user as to whether the temperature is safe or not.

Each temperature task can be customized with different temperature parameters and follow up questions, including photos.

The applications for this technology are quite broad and could include:

  • Hot and cold bars
  • Cooler and freezer storage temps
  • QSR food prep bar checks

Future plans include adding in an infrared temperature sensor option – perfect for already packaged product as there is no need to break the packaged seal or puncture the packaging with the probe. Simply read the surface temp.

Taskle is currently seeking restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores to participate in beta testing of the new temperature feature. Feedback provided by participating in this program helps bring this extension of Taskle to the market.

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