Mobile Checklist and Store Visit Solution for <strong>Supermarkets</strong>

Store Walks

Store visits are a great way to identify performance gaps and increase consistency across locations. Give your field teams an edge with a mobile solution that immediately notifies them of repeat fails while on site, increases their audit efficiency, automatically sends out summary reports, and compiles each visit into long-term performance insights.

Task Management

Opening/Closing Logs

From getting the doughnuts out in the morning to re-stocking the shopping bags at night, Taskle helps set the day up for success across all shifts. Our collaborative platform allows your teams to work together to make sure the key daily tasks are taken care of. No more clipboard limitations.

Cleaning/Sweep Logs

Keep parking lots, bathrooms, doorways, and departments clean throughout the day to create a safe and enjoyable shopping experience no matter where your customers are. Feel confident cleaning is being done consistently and on time through date, time, and user stamped reports. For extra accountability, add photos to verify cleanliness.


merchandising_icon2x_1Verifying merchandising initiatives are being carried out at every location should be simple, not time consuming. Taskle makes it easy to send initiatives to all stores along with photo examples and directives, then receive visual and written confirmation in return. Quickly identify which locations need follow-up using our automated reports.


Completing routine equipment maintenance consistently and correctly helps avoid costly repairs while improving the customer experience. For supermarkets, Taskle helps keep crucial equipment such as hot boxes, coolers, and freezers running in optimal condition, saving energy and ensuring at-temperature inventory. Close the loop when communicating the completion of these repairs with automated task completion reports and photo evidence.


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