Introducing Taskle – Store Audit Software for Retail Execution

By on November 18, 2013 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks, Task Management

“Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.” – Scott Adams

It would be hard to find a single person who owns or runs a business that does not agree with that statement. A company is built on standards and protocols that together make up a brand. That brand and the experience your brand brings is the reason people shop at your store, buy your services, order your food, etc. Yet, executing those standards and doing so consistently is still a huge challenge we all face today.

PhoneMany retail businesses have begun utilizing store audits as a way to verify consistent and proper execution as well as to identify issues and opportunities. Yet, it is still a challenge to identify trends such as poor performing locations and company wide concerns.

Taskle is the execution solution. This task management app delivers a cloud based, easy-to-use solution to communicate priorities throughout an organization and capture responses (pictures and data) via smartphones and tablets. Real-time reporting helps identify ways to sharpen your brand’s message, pinpoint training needs, as well as identify and congratulate top performers.

So what is the story behind Taskle? Where did the idea come from? Well, I am a firm believer that the best way to identify a need is by experiencing a problem first hand. Our first product, Date Check Pro, was created when I realized the need for a more effective and efficient way to manage expiration dates while working as a date checker. Similarly, Troy Vosburgh identified the need for a store audit software in his role as VP of Perishables at Skogen’s Festival Foods. Here is the story behind Taskle in his words:


festival_foods_logo-300x120“We have multiple locations with thousands of items, standards and expectations.  Unfortunately we only have two or three supervisors per department. That means some stores will go without a visit from acertain department for a week or two.  That being said I knew I had people in the store from other departments but needed a way to let them know what to look for.  Said another way, how do I get the meat guys to know what to look for in bakery?  How do I get the produce guys to know the standards of a seafood program without hours of studying?  Boom, the idea for Taskle was born.

Taskle has the ability to take your company to the next level.  We used it to focus on a side stream item and over doubled the sales in a week’s time just by making sure that our bakeries were producing the item at each location.” – Troy Vosburgh, VP of Perishables, Skogen’s Festival Foods

Since launching with Festival Foods, we have realized that the applications of the product expand far beyond corporate store audits. We have built a platform that can also be used at store level to verify that regularly occurring and one-time high priority tasks are completed. Some examples in the grocery, retail, and restaurant industries include sweep/floor logs, food recall management, temperature logs, and maintenance logs.

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