Improving In-Store Conditions Video 6: Store Audit Best Practices

In video 6 Alan, Troy, and Mark each summarize their best practices for store audits and improving in-store conditions.  We hope store managers use this advice to evaluate their own methods.  Whether you use pen and paper or some other way of tracking store audits, we want you to improve.  Improving doesn’t have to mean big, expensive changes, but could be small adjustments to gradually be better.

Video notes:


  • Store audits should begin outside the building.
  • Walk the store backwards- See customers face to face.
  • Bring those in charge along. Education is key.
  • Talk with customers. They will share the good and bad.
  • Watch associates from a distance for attitude and potential growth associates.
  • Time of day is important. G.O.L.D. look @ 9:00am.


  • Ask the right questions.
  • Slow down!
  • Get the most out of everyone doing store audits
  • Set goals for each store walk
  • What is the desired outcome?


  • Decide what type of audit you are doing:
  • Sales audit, standards audit, profits
  • Walk the opposite direction once in a while.
  • Record as you go. There will be interruptions which will cause you to lose your thoughts.
  • Involve others. Teach, train, and seek opinion.
  • Never walk alone.

Link: Improving In-Store Conditions Video 6

Thank you for watching our Improving In-Store Conditions video series. 


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