Improving In-Store Conditions Video 5: Buy-In to your Current Programs

When trying out new programs or policies it can be hard to win employee motivation and get your team on board.  That’s why we asked the grocers, “what was the reaction and buy-in to your current programs?”  They go further to answer how to get that buy-in as well.  We also asked Troy, “what are good questions versus bad questions?”  This is important because you want to ask questions that will get you specific and trackable answers. A lack of communication can hurt your results.

Video Notes:

  • What was the reaction and buy-in to your current programs? Any challenges?
    • Alan
      • If you’ve created a culture wherein your staff is genuinely concerned about “the big win” they’ll come around.
      • If you can justify it, you’ll get by.
    • Troy
      • After the initial meeting as to why they were changing, concern went away
      • The information should be shared all the way down to the associate level as well
    • Mark
      • No one likes to be told what to do, but they’ll come around when you explain why it’s important and how to do it.
  • Good questions vs. bad questions
    • Troy
      • There can’t be too many questions that will take too long
      • There is such a thing as a bad question: “Are our employees friendly?”  The answers to this question are either going to be way too long, or not specific enough to track the trends
        • You’re supposed to be looking for this all the time anyway, you don’t need it in an app.

Link: Improving In-Store Conditions Video 5


Join us next time for store audit best practices shared by each grocer.

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