Improving In-Store Conditions Video 3: Biggest Store Audit Lessons

Video 3 of our Improving In-Store Conditions series asks grocers what they have learned about their stores doing store audits.  Although all of their answers are completely different, we think you will find them all very true!  These lessons can be applied to business other than just in the grocery industry and can help you grow your company.

Video Notes:

  • What are the biggest lessons you have learned about your company during store audits?
    • Alan
      • Gap between “first-string and second-string players.”  So, doing store audits in the evenings when your “A Team” isn’t there.
      • “You have a different company from 8 to 5 than you have from 5 to 10 at night.”
      • 5/6 stores had 3 stars on their assessments during the hours of 8-5 AM, however during the hours 5-8 PM 0/6 stores got 3 stars.
    • Troy
      • When you’re in the store “you have the opportunity to ask people ‘what’s stupid in here?’”
      • Give customers a chance to give back.
        • When senior leaders weren’t around, customers weren’t happy.
    • Mark
      • Customers don’t care if your products are cross-merchandised correctly; they care if you have what they want.
      • You can’t program everything. If you don’t leave the store some room for individualism, you miss out on the uniqueness of that neighborhood.
      • Comparing lists that were filed in filing cabinets: weren’t very good at actually fixing the problems and identifying root causes.

Improving In-Store Conditions Video 3


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