Improving In-Store Conditions Video 2: How to Verify Consistency

In this week’s Improving In-Store Conditions video we ask the grocers about their current methods of verifying consistency in their stores along with what the evolution has been of how work gets assigned.  You’ll find there are definitely similarities in all of the methods, but each grocer has created their own way of verifying consistency during store walks. However, no system is perfect and you can see the downfalls of a paper and pencil method.  Nevertheless, there have been significant changes to how work gets assigned and Alan, Troy, and Mark will share their advice.

Video Notes

  • What has the evolution been of how work gets assigned and what are youcurrently doing in your stores to verify consistency?
    • Alan
      • Always improving, 3 star assessment twice a year
      • Financially compensate store directors
      • Third party does the assessments
    • Troy
      • Corporate work: meetings
      • Departments can check other departments so they have fresh eyes evaluating them
    • Mark
      • Task: take care of the store
      • Next day was more specific
      • Now there are common forms from store to store
      • Smartphones: take a picture
        • Are we executing and is it changing our results
      • Getting better at planning, but can we execute it?  Change the plan if we can’t.
    • Specific Store Methods
      • Alan
        • Takes individual about a day to do a full assessment of the store. Once in spring, once in fall.
        • Keep track
      • Troy
        • Descriptive list of what needs to be done
        • Microsoft OneNote to track results

Video link: Improving In-Store Conditions Video 2

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