Impactful Word Choice Part 2: “What Can We Make For You?”

By on February 24, 2015 | Topics: Customer Service, Quality Control

When you eat fast food, you pretty much expect that the food you order is coming from under a heat lamp. This belief is reinforced by the standard, “What can we get for you today?” that starts out the ordering process. I mean, it’s already made; we just have to put it in a bag and hand it to you. We just have to get it. That really doesn’t scream quality service in any way.

However, during a recent fast food drive through trip, I was surprised when the first question coming through the speaker was “What can we make for you today?” I should mention that this restaurant is particularly focused on making each order fresh. No heat lamps allowed. They verbally kept that promise by asking what they could make for me. It wasn’t ready to bag up; it needed to be made first. The fresh message that sent was impactful. If your fast food restaurant focuses on fresh or you are a restaurant, this might just be a great way to start out your order taking process.

What mattered even more than the impactful word choice was the way it was delivered. Talking to a customer through a speaker is hard. I get it. But that didn’t stop this order taker. His excitement and passion for his work came through loud and clear. He accomplished this through the tone in his voice. He could have delivered a standard, monotone question, but chose not too.

So what is the impact of this word change and tone change combination? Why should you consider rewording your order process and spend more time training people to be enthusiastic when taking orders? Well, I can tell you what impact it had on me as a customer. That single drive through experience is the only time in my entire where I can say my day was better because of the person who took my food order.

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