Impactful Word Choice Part 1: “My Pleasure”

By on February 3, 2015 | Topics: Customer Service, Quality Control, Uncategorized

Providing the best customer service is something that almost every business focuses on, or at least publicizes.  In reality, like so many other things in life, what you say pales in comparison to what you do.  People will come to your business for the first time if they see something they like.  Perhaps the building has an interesting exterior, or a friend told them about it, or they saw an advertisement for a special promotion.  A quality customer experience and getting the best customer service is what leads to the second, third, and fourth visits.  It’s what turns a one-time visitor into a lifetime customer.

You can provide great customer service by having a great attitude and being friendly with customers.  However, using an impactful word choice is what can help take customer service to the next level.  Subtle changes can make all of the difference in really making the customer feel appreciated and valued. So what are some changes you can implement today in the word choices your team members use when interacting with customers? To get the creative juices flowing, we are going to do a three-part series that will introduce phrases that we believe have a huge impact in your customer satisfaction.

First up, “My pleasure!”

Back when I worked with Skogen’s Festival Foods, we were trained to say “My Pleasure” every time a customer thanked us. The more commonly heard responses are “you’re welcome” or “no problem.” But, what makes my pleasure better than these options?

Certainly the worst responses are the short, one-word responses such as “Yup” and “Sure”. These phrases lack personality and imply that it was a real burden helping the customer. A great deed followed by one of those phrases loses a lot of its meaning. Similarly, a phrase such as “no problem” isn’t actually as genuine as it would seem. Serving a customer should never be a problem. So why imply that there was even a small chance there could have been?

An acceptable response would be “You’re welcome.” However, as a customer, if you get the standard reply of “You’re Welcome,” it feels just like that:  standard. It still lacks character.

When you hear, “It’s my pleasure,” it feels like you made the person happy by allowing them to assist you.  It alleviates the feeling of being a burden because someone had to do something for you.  More importantly, it takes customer service to a new level, letting your customers know that you find joy in helping them.

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