How Transparent Is Your Store Audit Software Provider?

By on August 15, 2014 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks

When you walk down the aisles of a retail store, every item has a price tag next to it telling the customer how much it costs.  It’s a simple concept that’s been around longer than anyone reading this blog post has been alive.  Imagine walking into a store, and having to go ask someone to tell you how much an item costs.  The question is, does this help the customer or the seller more?  The clear answer is that it creates a better situation for the seller because now they have a situation where one of the members of their sales team is engaged with a potential customer in order to try and sell them the product.  However, does that benefit the customer?  If she had questions and already knew the price, she could seek assistance from store staff if she wanted to.  Now she has no choice because there is information missing from her purchasing decision.

Transparent pricing is something that has always been a part of Pinpoint Software’s business from Date Check Pro to Taskle, and will continue to be the policy in the future.  We know that our software drives value and has a positive ROI for our customers, which means we do not have to hide behind mystery pricing and the idea that we need to sell a bunch of benefits on the product before we give the price to a customer. Our focus is on customer loyalty and service, and we can’t achieve that without being up front on price with our potential customers. When looking at a store audit software solution, one thing to consider is how much of the software you can see while on the website.  Are you seeing actual screenshots of the product or are they mysteriously absent?  Imagine buying a car without seeing pictures first.  Or, if you take a long drive to go see it before buying, you don’t want to get there just to find out that pictures would have shown you it was not the right car for you before you even got off of your couch.  The same principle applies to store audit software.  It’s very easy for the company to include screenshots on its website and let the product sell itself.  If you are not given the chance to see some screenshots of what the software looks like, you might want to think about some of the shortcomings that could be hiding from you.

We also want to make sure that our potential customers know that we are transparent about everything that we do.  We are proud of the software we offer.  Just ask us about it sometime!  The lack of transparent pricing from any company, whether it sells a software solution or physical products, can be a real red flag.  Are there additional costs beyond the cost of the software?  Is there a large hardware investment or development time that goes along with that solution?  These are the questions we don’t want our potential customers to have to wonder about.  A great business relationship is built on trust, and trust is built by being open and honest.  Make sure that is something that is included in the price of your store audit software, and any software purchase that you make. We are always looking for a good deal, but sometimes the cheapest option isn’t the best. When you’re looking for store audit software, or any product for that matter, you can often save money in the long run by looking at the total value of the product or service.

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