How to Use a Store Audit Software to Coach Your Team

By on October 27, 2014 | Topics: Employee Training, Store Audits/Walks

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Sometimes in life, you do not get the result that you want.  The question from there is how do you respond and how do you fix it?  Do you just fix the problem, or are you finding the true cause?  Store audits, especially when used correctly to track information across time with a software solution, can help you do just that.

Think about a quarterback throwing an interception in a football game.  The stat sheet is going to show an interception, but is it always the quarterback’s fault?  Maybe to the fan shouting at his television, but there are a lot of reasons why it could have happened.  Perhaps the wide receiver ran the wrong route, or maybe a lineman missed his block forcing the quarterback to throw the ball before he was supposed to.  No matter what the problem was, coaches use game film to go back and watch the play and analyze why the play didn’t achieve the desired end result.

A store audit software solution is like your game footage.  It can allow you to go back and see if displays were set up on time.  A good store audit software application will also allow you to take pictures, which can show you whether or not displays were set up like they were supposed to be.  It will show you where the holes were in your execution so you can avoid the problem in the future.

You might also find that your execution was flawless.  Every store had the displays out on time and setup according to spec, but the items just did not sell.  While it never feels good to know your plan didn’t work, having called the wrong play so to speak, it is incredibly helpful to know that the plan itself was the issue and not store execution.  Let’s say this is going to be a seasonal display or event that happens every year.  Now you know that changes need to be made if it is going to be a success in future years.

In the best circumstances, a store audit software solution can also be the tool that helps avoid the problem entirely.  Like an audible at the line of scrimmage right before the play happens, it might help your team realize that certain merchandise was forgotten in the backroom.  Example photos can show them that a display was not set up correctly, allowing time for it to be fixed.

In the end, paper checklists are like a stat sheet.  They tell a story, and sometimes they can help identify problems.  However, a store audit software application can be like having the game film, which will give you the insights you need to be both a better coach and team.
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