How to Save Time on Your Store Audit so You Can Do Your Job

By on August 13, 2014 | Topics: Operations, Store Audits/Walks

One key attribute of any store audit software is how it can save time compared to paper checklists.  Between not having to compile audit results and print out new lists when getting to each store, you can easily pick up valuable extra minutes that you could spend on more important activities like customer service.  However, the real question is what else are you going to do with this extra time?

When you really break down an occupation, especially in operations, the overall goal is to improve as an organization.  So often, we write off the time that we spend finding those areas for improvement as necessary pieces of our job.  However, a good store audit software is going to help you not only save time in identifying opportunities, but give you better insight into the areas that you and your staff need to improve on. Those better insights are going to help you make better business decisions and get to the root of problems faster.  Did staff not merchandise the widgets well because of poor training?  Or maybe your employees did not get the right tools to do the job at the right time.  A store audit software application will not only help you identify these issues much more quickly, but it can also help you discover the scale of a given problem.

For example, did an issue only occur at a specific store, or is it a problem in multiple locations?  Also, how long has the problem been going on?  Was this the first time, or has it been a concern for the last month?  Of course, you can find all of these results and answers with paper checklists, but there is a lot of time involved flipping through the different stores’ audits to look back on the timeline just to see the trends.

In the end, you can compile the results of your paper store audits to find the areas that need improvement.  It is kind of like taking a long road trip in the car.  At face value, it might cost less to drive the car.  However, what is the value of the extra time at your destination because you took the plane instead?  The right store audit software for you will do much more than save on labor costs.  It will give you the insights to make that extra time even more effective than before.


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