How Store Audit Software Can Help You Achieve Consistency

By on August 4, 2014 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks, Task Management

Finding a competitive advantage today is a key to being successful.  What is it that you do better than your competition?  One of the biggest keys to having a successful competitive advantage is by providing the best customer service every time for every customer.  You make many deals with hundreds or even thousands of customers a day, but you should be able to provide your great customer service to every single one of them.

When you visit your stores, either with a paper checklist or a software application, you have the opportunity to check up on those competitive advantages to make sure they are being performed to your highest standards.  However, how many times do you need to find that a standard is being met before you stop checking, and start looking to improve other standards to be competitive advantages.

Optimize your checklists.

One of the best features of a customizable store audit software application is you can quickly change the questions being asked during a store audit.  There are a lot of hidden costs and potential errors that go with every task change on a paper list because they are not automatically updated on all other company lists.  The additional flexibility that comes with a software solution can be a major reason your list of competitive advantages continues to surpass that of the store down the street.  If you are consistently checking and perfecting more things that customers want, they are going to continue shopping with you.

Avoid a bunch of busy work.

Another advantage to some customizable store audit software solutions is that they will save your old tasks.  That way you can quickly add those things you know you do well to the list just to make sure every few months that the standard is still being met.  Imagine how much easier it is to make a couple of clicks on a store audit software to have something checked again instead of having to go back to previous paper logs, find discontinued tasks, and re-add them to your list.  Then you have to send out the new paper copies to all of your team members that complete audits, trust that they get it and use the right version right away, and then can effectively switch back to a different list once you are confident that the objective is being met.

Instantly verify consistency across locations.

One of the biggest advantages a store audit software application has over pen and paper checklists is its ability to instantly show you the conditions of all of your locations. This will help you verify consistency across all locations allowing you to correct problems as soon as possible to better serve your customers. On the flip side, a software solution can help you identify those stores that excel at maintaining your competitive advantages, which will allow you to learn from them, and apply their methods to other stores.

Whether you choose to use paper checklists or store audit software you should keep in mind that remaining consistent will help you provide the best customer service to every customer every time.


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