How Should I Manage My Completed Sweep Logs

By on October 24, 2014 | Topics: Task Management

According to a 2013 study, more than 82% of interviewed consumers said that it was “very important” for their chosen grocery store to be clean. Sweep logs are a great compliance check to ensure that employees are doing the task when it needs to get done while maintaining the brand image you have worked so hard to create.  With that being said, what should you be doing with the completed logs?

Paper Logs

Most retailers that we talk to use paper logs to track that stores were swept.  However, we have discovered that not everyone keeps their logs and some retailers just throw them away after the day is done.  After all, who wants to look through a binder or filing cabinet of sweep logs?

Truth be told, you might want to.  While every state is different, according to, the statute of limitations on a slip-and-fall case can range anywhere from one to six years, with the majority of states falling in the two to three year range. (See your state’s regulations here.)

Aside from wanting your store to have a clean appearance for your customers, mitigating the risk of a slip-and-fall lawsuit is an important part of sweep logs.  It validates that you are doing your due diligence to create a safe atmosphere for your customers. Hopefully you never get into a situation where you need that validation.  However, there are too many examples of retailers facing lawsuits due to this issue to ignore the risk.

Digital Logs

If you use, or are thinking of using a digital tool for sweep logs, be sure that your data either never gets deleted, or is going to be there long enough to cover you in the event of a lawsuit.  Everyone would love to get rid of the filing cabinet full of sweep logs in the corner of the office, but you have to make sure that your information is not going to have found the digital trash bin before it comes in handy with a slip-and-fall lawsuit.  If you are keeping up with employee motivation and your employees are putting in the time to keep your store(s) clean and safe, you deserve to have the documentation to protect you.


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