How Can Using Store Audit Software Help Increase Basket Size?

By on September 19, 2014 | Topics: Merchandising, Store Audits/Walks

Increasing basket size is something on the mind of every strategic decision maker in retailers around the country.  How can we get customers to pick up that one extra item?  What will make them grab something that was not on their shopping list?  A lot of initiatives and marketing efforts go towards increasing basket size, such as special product displays for new items.  While a store audit software solution is not going to be the sole reason that customers buy more, it can help validate that important initiatives meant to increase sales are being executed effectively. Here are two examples of how store audits can have a big impact on sales:

Promotional Displays:

A lot of work goes into planning out promotional displays including the sale price of the items, signage, and the way the product is displayed in order to draw a customer’s eye to it. However, many times stores falter in executing the setup according to spec and they point to poor instructions as the reason. It can also be hard for the merchandising team to check if these displays have been set up across numerous stores. By utilizing a software solution, each store is able to check that their display is set up correctly through example photos in addition to the instructions provided. The merchandising team is then able to receive real-time confirmation from each store that the setup is complete and validate that they were done to spec through photos of the actual displays in stores.

Side Stream Items:

One way to increase basket size is by increasing sales of side stream items. For Skogen’s Festival Foods, a recent side stream item that was focused on was focaccia bread.  The issue they were having was getting store level buy-in to put a greater focus on always having it available to customers. The stores simply viewed it as an option instead of a requirement. By incorporating focaccia bread into every store audit, they were able to hold stores more accountable to the minimum inventory level and sales increased by over 140%.

These are just two examples of how you can improve store level results of sales-driving activity through store audits. The right store audit software solution will help you maximize your communication and accountability on any key initiatives that will drive more sales in your stores.  You already invest a great deal of time and energy into developing these initiatives. Be sure to invest in the tool that will help ensure the return on that investment.

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