Hiring Alert-Big Data Analytics Nothing to Cheer About

By on April 7, 2014 | Topics: Culture

Eventually, the US economy will turn itself around and companies will start hiring again.  This is good news for job seekers and recent graduates, but a real challenge for interviewers and hiring managers. Fortunately, this is the information age.  We have big data analytics, college transcripts of grades, behavioral interviewing techniques, and professional screening tests to help us select the next crop of future leaders, right?  Not so fast, says Google SVP of People Operations, Zaszlo Bock.  According to Mr. Bock, Big Data predictive interview analytics have “zero correlation to future job performance.”  The same is true for college grades and test scores.

So, what’s a hiring manager to do?  Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg of www.YourVisionaryLife.com have a remarkably helpful suggestion.  Hire a cheerleader!  Since their company specializes in training and coaching cheerleaders, the suggestion could be construed as self-serving, but take a look at the qualifications of successful cheerleaders and then, draw your own conclusions!

Cheerleaders are competitive and determined.  They know how to follow directions in order to perform those high-flying stunts and they know how to lead (inspire) a crowd.  They are motivated and enthusiastic team players.  They are teachable and understand the power of a positive attitude.  They work hard to perform well under pressure (who wants to be the guy that drops the girl in front of 80,000 spectators?).

For years, software development companies, pharmaceutical sales teams, and consumer products manufacturers have hired candidates with these exceptional characteristics.  Many of these new hires have shared common experiences in their high school and college cheerleading, student government, performing arts, or athletic programs.   Data miners may one day discover ways to integrate these valuable traits into big data analytic models.   Until then, don’t be hesitant to look at the candidate’s after school activities.  Those creative, positive, and confident candidates could really give your company something to cheer about.

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