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By on April 21, 2014 | Topics: Marketing

Each day millions of users explore the Internet.  Whether for online shopping purposes, researching, social media, or just for fun – people are online.  A user-friendly and visually appealing site will not only give you a professional edge, but will also give your company a face and brand for audiences to associate with.

Graphic design is of huge importance to your business.  In addition to adding quality visuals for your company letterhead, design elements connect with your audience and help you to communicate your message properly.  Expanding the concept of graphics to your company on the web will help to gain a larger audience and give more people a chance to encounter your product or service.


One of the biggest mistakes when designing a site is including too many elements. A webpage with too much to look at can create chaos, disorganization, and ultimately portray unprofessionalism.  There are many ways to reduce the chaos in the design of your site:

  • Create a simple background.

A good way to create a minimalistic, but still inviting and appealing site is to create a simple one-colored background. Negative space (plain/simple space) goes a long way.  By including an elaborate background, you could be distracting your audience from the important parts of your page.

  • Substitute words with images.

Including too much text and not enough imagery can also lead to chaos on your site. Consider creating icons and/or infographics in place of some word elements on your business’s website.  This increases the creativity of your site and also applies a more interactive and inviting mood for the viewer.

  • Keep your layouts consistent.

When navigating through your site, each page should be similar.  Keep your main elements in the same position from page to page to reduce confusion and enhance your professionalism.  Most sites include a navigation bar at the top or left side of the page and a footer at the bottom. This is an aesthetic choice of the designer, but whichever you choose be sure it is consistent throughout the entire website.

Remaining professional in graphics is important.  If displayed with poor professionalism, your audience may receive the wrong message and first impressions do matter!  A poorly designed site can turn audiences off to your brand.  Not only can it make your business appear lazy or incompetent, an unclean and confusing page can frustrate customers who are visiting your site.  Think of your website as your outfit for an interview. If you wear your weekend sweatpants and slippers to an interview, do you think you’re getting the job? In reality, you will lose that opportunity to the next applicant wearing a suit and tie.  It’s the same with websites. If you don’t dress your site well, your audience will move on to your competition.  This applies to all the graphic design associated with your business.  Posters, brochures, PowerPoint presentations and other advertisement or promotional items all need to be “well-dressed” to accommodate your first impression with customers.

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