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By on February 3, 2014 | Topics: Marketing

After a long day at work or in class what do you do? Go home to watch TV or eat dinner?  I’m willing to bet you also check your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  What are you looking for when you log on (if you’re looking for anything at all)?  My point is you sign in to social networking sites to sit back and see what your friends and family are up to.

From a brand’s perspective this means the marketing and types of ads have a completely new dynamic.  Social media means marketing is no longer a one-way street where a company just pushes out features and benefits it can provide, but a full-fledged two-way conversation between a business and its customers – and you have to engage!

From my experience the type of content is key.  People like information and love pictures.  Remember, people are on social media for fun, not to do business with you (with the exception of LinkedIn).  So, give them something interesting!  Link to an article that your target market would want to read, or post pictures of a company brainstorming session.  These are the types of content that will get the most ‘likes’ and be most appreciated.

Also, provide them with a reason to engage on your page.  If your target market likes to bake, hold a holiday baking contest and ask your fans and followers to share their creations on your page.  When you give your customers a way to engage with you on social media (that doesn’t include advertising your product or service), you build trust with them, which eventually will lead to more sales.

Here at Taskle I try to post articles about industry best practices for leaders in retail, restaurant, and grocery.  I also like to post links for tips to being a successful businessperson.  These are topics I think would be helpful for our target market.  On the other hand, I try to upload pictures of company events because our followers like to see what we’re up to!

In addition to the information we push out, it’s good to take time each and every day to see what people are saying about our brand, or what people are saying about the industries we service.  Listening and engaging in these conversations shows people we care and helps raise brand awareness for Taskle.

My advice to you would be to sit down with your team and create a social media-marketing plan that you can reference back to.  This way you can really establish what kind of social media presence you want, and start getting more loyal customers!  I would also recommend reading Likeable Media by Dave Kerpen.  This is a book that explains in detail the importance of social media and how to use it effectively.  More information on the book can be found on the Likeable Web site.

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