Five Changes Retailers Can Make Now to Improve Store Conditions

By on June 6, 2014 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks

Every manager knows that having your store in great condition will help your customers find what they need easier, leading to more sales.  The challenge is not only keeping your store in great condition throughout every day, but also not making the same mistakes over and over again.  The good news is there are simple changes you can make right now that can help keep your stores in great condition day in and day out so you can focus on providing the best customer service instead of trying to keep up with poor store conditions.

The key is to make these changes during an activity that’s already on your task list – you’re already doing something related, so changes aren’t difficult to implement.  During your daily/nightly store audit try these 5 things:

  1. Do it backwards.  Seriously.  If you usually start at the front of your store and work your way back, start at the back every now and then.  You’ll be amazed at the things you usually overlook because you walk by it every day.
  2. Take an employee with you.  Not only does this give you a chance to get to know your employees better, but two minds are better than one.  Also, employees are your frontline and this gives them the opportunity to tell you what they think could make a positive impact on customer experience.
  3. Have department managers evaluate each other’s departments.  Use our  Cross-Department Management Scorecard (edit it to fit your needs better) and have each department manager walk through a different department.  I’m sure this will spark some competition, but hey that never hurt anyone!  Display the results in the break room.  You’ll find problem areas you didn’t even know about and this will hold each department accountable.
  4. Ask your customers.  Don’t just send out surveys, emails, or phone calls.  While you’re doing your store audits, talk to your customers.  You can start with the traditional, “How can I help you find what you’re looking for?”  But then simply explain that you are trying to improve the customer experience and would like to have customer input.  Your customers will feel appreciated and may become more loyal!
  5. Bring old checklists with you.  A Pinpoint team member, Dan, always says, “You can’t improve on what you can’t measure.”  If you do a store audit without a good idea of the issues that have been coming up lately, you won’t be able to verify that the condition of your store is actually improving.  Remember, it’s great to fix a problem in the short run.  It’s better to prevent that problem from happening again.

By making these simple changes you’ll be able to pinpoint problem areas in your store and take the actions necessary to improve on them.  Making your store a better place for your customers to shop will increase their satisfaction with your brand and help you gain more sales.

For more resources on improving in-store conditions check out our Improving In-Store Conditions Video Series.

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