Efficient Task Management Tools for Multiple Store Locations

By on November 5, 2014 | Topics: Task Management

When you run multiple locations, you need to have a system for just about every function of the business. Without rules and regulation, it can become extremely unorganized and difficult to manage your company. This is especially true when you’re managing tasks and initiatives throughout your organization. That’s why we’ve come up with these 3 task management tools you can put to use for multiple store locations.

1. Have consistent task lists throughout the entire organization. Whether you use paper checklists or a software solution, having consistent lists across all locations will help you improve task management. This is because you’ll be able to hold all of your locations to the same standards and compare them apples-to-apples – and you won’t drive yourself crazy trying to manage the unorganized mess of remembering which initiatives are playing out at each location. Not to mention, this will help provide a consistent customer experience across all locations.

2. Compile task list data into reports. The only way to improve is to know what currently isn’t working. In other words, you need to be able to use the data from your current task management process in order to identify where changes are needed and to ultimately improve. If you’re using pen and paper checklists as one of your task management tools, format them so the results can be inputted into an Excel doc (this is another reason tip #1 is helpful). Then, you can create reports to see if you’re improving over time, or if you need to work on certain areas. You can also easily see which locations are out performing others in terms of operations this way.

3. Upgrade to a task management software system. This will provide you with the data you need, help you with prioritizing your unorganized checklists, and streamline your task management process. Essentially, upgrading to a task management system is an investment into your company that will help improve your operations and reduce any stress that comes with task management. Download the eBook below to see all of the features a task management software solution can offer.

These tips may seem intuitive, yet so few companies take the time to implement them. By making these small, but important changes your task management will not only be easier, but can help you grow your company by streamlining operations and leading to more sales. Since these are small and easy changes, they are a quick yet impactful win for your business!

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