Creating Internal Competition to Improve Employee Motivation

By on November 19, 2014 | Topics: Culture

In business, having competitive people is usually a good thing.  Competitive people have the internal drive that makes them want to be successful in reaching their performance goals.  While we tend to think about the winners more than the losers, the reality is that someone has to lose in order for someone to win.  If there is going to be a first, there has to be a last.

Not Always How Many Things You Got Wrong

It is easy to focus on what was not correct when you go through a store audit.  After all, you do the audit to make sure that procedures are being followed and correct them when they are not.  However, be sure to recognize the good and let people know when they are successful. This is a more effective way to boost employee motivation to do even better. People inherently know that if you walk through their department and do not say anything that they are doing what they are supposed to.  However, it goes a lot further to hear you say they are doing a good job.  Establish that positive rapport so you have employees’ respect when you do have to correct things they are doing wrong.  There is a fine balance because you do not want to get complacent with success, but you do not want to alienate employees because of some small failures.

Compete With Yourself to Improve Business Operations

One of the best strategies to use competition to your advantage is to set competitive goals and benchmarks.  A great example of this is running.  When I go out for a run, I can compete with myself based on times and distances I have previously run.  Even in a race setting, I can focus on my individual goals.  Sure, people will beat me during the race, but if I set a PR I can be happy with my performance.  The same concept applies to a business setting and store audits.  What percentage of tasks did someone get correct?  Was there noticeable improvement from one visit to the next?  Measuring those elements with your stores can help them grow more and reach performance goals faster than using only a store-to-store comparison.  The store-to-store comparison then serves as a competitive performance comparison between stores and helps you identify where your time is most needed.  However, that list can create unrealistic expectations of growth and improvement in your company.  An underperforming store will not become your top performer overnight.  Over time, however, if you can create internal employee motivation through positive reinforcement, they can get there if they simply keep moving forward at a slightly faster pace than everyone else.

Everyone Needs at Least One Goal

True success for everyone comes when the organization is successful.  They can contribute to that success by reaching their goals and objectives.  It also creates a sense of achievement and joy from watching your coworkers succeed.  Sure, you might not have lead your company in sales for your department.  However, you did beat your goals by 5%. The mentality that the success of the business is more important than individual success creates a better atmosphere that is conducive towards better results and happier employees.  People love to be a part of things that are bigger then themselves.  The key is you have to make them a part of it and be inclusive.

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