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3 Ways Online Reviews Influence Shoppers in 2015

Online review sites have been around for years now but things have changed dramatically since they first sprung up. While you might have actually went to a website like yelp.com to find what people were saying two or three years ago, search engines like Google now find them for you by embedding top reviews directly…

How to Transform Operational Audits into Valuable Teaching Tools

I think we can all admit hearing the word “audit” doesn’t make us light up with glee. The term has gained a generally negative connotation for being a show of untrust––an inspection into our actions with the presumption that we’re doing something wrong. While many will point to a group of folks in Kansas City…

The Best Task Management Solution for Stores with Multiple Locations

When companies decide to go from one location to two and beyond, it is because there was something that worked at the first location that can be multiplied.  Keeping that identity and reason for success can be difficult, however. As the old adage goes, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  Overseeing the…

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Log & Task Management