3 Simple Ways Grocers and Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves in 2015

In search of new ways to stand out among the competition this year? While innovation doesn’t typically come to mind when we think of most places we shop, this perception gives retailers and grocers of all sizes the opportunity to surprise customers with an experience they didn’t expect. Rather than dwell on the larger, long-term…

Using Merchandising to Drive Sales

We sat down with the store manager of a popular teen/young adult clothing store to see how she uses merchandising to drive sales. Here’s what she had to say:

How Can Using Store Audit Software Help Increase Basket Size?

Increasing basket size is something on the mind of every strategic decision maker in retailers around the country.  How can we get customers to pick up that one extra item?  What will make them grab something that was not on their shopping list?  A lot of initiatives and marketing efforts go towards increasing basket size,…

The Control Manager's Guide to Highly Effective
Log & Task Management
Log & Task Management