5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Customers to Your Store

The thought of scaling a marketing plan can be intimidating to brick-and-mortar retailers of any size. However, for those who are just starting out or operating locally, executing a fully-fleshed out marketing strategy can seem like an almost impossible task. Social media is a great entry point into the world of marketing for those who…

3 Simple Ways Grocers and Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves in 2015

In search of new ways to stand out among the competition this year? While innovation doesn’t typically come to mind when we think of most places we shop, this perception gives retailers and grocers of all sizes the opportunity to surprise customers with an experience they didn’t expect. Rather than dwell on the larger, long-term…

4 Tips for Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Receipts

Every retailer and business owner wants to know what customers are thinking when they patronize their business – did they achieve customer satisfaction or were there things they could have done better?  One of the most cost effective ways to get that information is through surveys, and technology has made it easier than ever in…

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