Improving In-Store Conditions Video Series

Improving In-Store Conditions Video 6: Store Audit Best Practices

In video 6 Alan, Troy, and Mark each summarize their best practices for store audits and improving in-store conditions.  We hope store managers use this advice to evaluate their own methods.  Whether you use pen and paper or some other way of tracking store audits, we want you to improve.  Improving doesn’t have to mean…

Improving In-Store Conditions Video 5: Buy-In to your Current Programs

When trying out new programs or policies it can be hard to win employee motivation and get your team on board.  That’s why we asked the grocers, “what was the reaction and buy-in to your current programs?”  They go further to answer how to get that buy-in as well.  We also asked Troy, “what are…

Improving In-Store Conditions Video 4: Value of Enterprise Reporting

Our fourth video for Improving In-Store Conditions asks, “what value is there in enterprise reporting of execution, compliance, and work completion?”  Realizing this value is important because a business can use reports to fix problems at their locations and overall improve their operations.  You’ll see that the grocers agree.

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