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3 Small Details That Compel People to Share A Retail Experience

Unlike a typical ecommerce website, there’s no social sharing buttons floating around brick and mortar stores to let people share experiences as easily as they can online. Still, that doesn’t stop thousands of people from spreading the word to friends and family each day anyway.  For retailers, the word-of-mouth opportunities places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…

Turning a Slow Business Day into an Opportunity to Look Your Best

I recently went to eat at a local sub shop with my fiancé. We live in a college town and since school is out for the summer, it was expectantly empty inside––just one other person had the same idea and he was grabbing his sub to go. As we ordered our meals, I noticed something…

What is Silent Service and How Can I Start Using it Today?

Successful companies know that making customers happy is the number one thing you can do to generate business in the long term. Keeping prices fair and quality high are two of the best ways to keep customers satisfied each time they walk out the door. For most companies, this means gathering feedback and actively listening…

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Log & Task Management