How to Maintain Store Compliance When Employees Don’t Meet Standards

Why do company and store standards get compromised? Do some team members just not care about maintaining store quality or is it that they simply aren’t aware of the standards in the first place? More importantly, how do you determine whether it’s one cause or another? The answer is simpler than many organizations make it…

Impactful Word Choice Part 3: “Anything We Could Have Done Better?

Have you ever been asked this question while out shopping at one of your favorite stores or while you were dining out at a restaurant? It seems straight forward enough––a team member wants to get your take on your shopping or dining experience to see if anything didn’t meet your satisfaction. But what seems like…

Don’t let a Lack of Communication Stop Your Success in New Initiatives

A retail executive once told me that if the company he worked for could only do the things they said they were going to do, they would be light years ahead of the competition. The challenge though, is actually getting each new initiative started and supporting it in the right ways so that it can…

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Log & Task Management