How to Incorporate Brand Values into Employees’ Daily Routines

We’ve all been there, spending months with a marketing consultant to create a bold brand mission and accompanying values for our company. We’ve sat around boardroom tables nitpicking semantics, narrowing down the ethos of our stores and our culture into a bite-size statement that would show our customers exactly who we are. Those conversations are…

What is Silent Service and How Can I Start Using it Today?

Successful companies know that making customers happy is the number one thing you can do to generate business in the long term. Keeping prices fair and quality high are two of the best ways to keep customers satisfied each time they walk out the door. For most companies, this means gathering feedback and actively listening…

Impactful Word Choice Part 4: Did You Find Everything All Right Today?

Delivering the best customer service experiences at the checkout makes a tremendous difference to the success of your business. The checkout is often the final interaction customers have with your team, making it your last chance to delight and impress. With this in mind, it’s important for cashiers to be courteous, smile, dress professionally, thank…

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Log & Task Management