Turning a Slow Business Day into an Opportunity to Look Your Best

I recently went to eat at a local sub shop with my fiancé.

We live in a college town and since school is out for the summer, it was expectantly empty inside––just one other person had the same idea and he was grabbing his sub to go.

As we ordered our meals, I noticed something was off.

Even though the entire shop was empty, it looked like a bus full of people had just had their fill.

First, the chips were extremely low and the cookies were completely out. When I tried to fill up my soda cup, I had to reach way back in order to get one of the last few lids in stock. When we finally tried to sit down to eat, there wasn’t a single clean table in the entire restaurant. 

4 Ways Clean Bathrooms Directly Impact Your Business

Consumer expectations have shifted dramatically over the years due in large part to the power of the internet. Before smartphones found their way into our pockets, a bad experience only spread to those around us––friends, family and maybe a few coworkers.

Today, it’s easier than ever for a customer to spot a problem, take a picture and broadcast the bad news to hundreds or thousands of others checking you out online whether it’s on Yelp, Twitter, or any other platform your business lives on.

This raises the stakes for customer satisfaction across the board, forcing stores, restaurants and other businesses to keep a closer eye on every part of the experience, including the tiny details that tend to go unnoticed until problems happen.

3 Simple Ways Grocers and Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves in 2015

In search of new ways to stand out among the competition this year? While innovation doesn’t typically come to mind when we think of most places we shop, this perception gives retailers and grocers of all sizes the opportunity to surprise customers with an experience they didn’t expect.

Rather than dwell on the larger, long-term innovations that require months or even years of planning and execution, we’ve compiled 3 simple ways grocers can break the mold and differentiate themselves in 2015 –– creating a brand experience that will stay ahead of the pack for years down the road.

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