5 Unique Uses for Taskle in Your Business

The day-to-day responsibilities of a multi-location operator are challenging. Consistency across each store is necessary for a great customer experience, but it can be difficult to ensure that tasks are being completed to your standard when there are so many areas of the business to keep track of. Taskle is a mobile task management and…

What Facebook’s New Restaurant Reviews Means for Your Business

If you haven’t heard the news, you’ll soon see critics’ reviews for restaurants the moment you search for them on Facebook.

In an effort to get people to stay on the social network rather than click off to read full articles elsewhere, the feature pulls reviews from renowned sources like New York Magazine and Bon Appetit and embeds them directly into search results within Facebook itself.

The idea is, while you might have went to Facebook to find information on a restaurant’s hours or location and then separately searched a review site to find out what people are saying about it, now you can get all of that information without leaving Facebook at all.

3 Small Details That Compel People to Share A Retail Experience

Unlike a typical ecommerce website, there’s no social sharing buttons floating around brick and mortar stores to let people share experiences as easily as they can online. Still, that doesn’t stop thousands of people from spreading the word to friends and family each day anyway. 

For retailers, the word-of-mouth opportunities places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms offer is huge in terms of creating the strong personal referrals that get friends, family and followers beyond brand awareness and into actual stores. 

But as the constantly shifting world of social media continues to shape our buying decisions in more elusive ways, retailers have struggled to uncover what exactly makes someone take to Twitter to spread the word about a great in-store experience to other potential customers. 

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