5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Customers to Your Store

The thought of scaling a marketing plan can be intimidating to brick-and-mortar retailers of any size. However, for those who are just starting out or operating locally, executing a fully-fleshed out marketing strategy can seem like an almost impossible task. Social media is a great entry point into the world of marketing for those who…

How to Incorporate Brand Values into Employees’ Daily Routines

We’ve all been there, spending months with a marketing consultant to create a bold brand mission and accompanying values for our company. We’ve sat around boardroom tables nitpicking semantics, narrowing down the ethos of our stores and our culture into a bite-size statement that would show our customers exactly who we are.

Those conversations are tedious, but they’re necessary for defining your brand. When all of that hard work comes to fruition, and you can finally articulate what you do and what you’re all about, you gain a sense of confidence and clarity that you didn’t have before.

And…then what? While it’s important for companies to go through these exercises, the results often don’t extend past top-level executives. Perhaps you’ve created a bit of collateral, maybe an in-store poster or two, but what have you done to ensure that your customers don’t just know about your brand values, but that they feel and experience them when they’re in your store?

5 Pieces of Data That You Need from Your Retail Task Management Software

Basic retail task management software allows you to create to-do lists for your team, track their progress, and, if you’re lucky, gives you the ability to put together recurring checklists. The truth is, basic isn’t enough for your business. Your retail task management software should be doing more for you than just allowing you to…

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Log & Task Management
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