Andrew Hoeft

Impactful Word Choice Part 4: Did You Find Everything All Right Today?

Delivering the best customer service experiences at the checkout makes a tremendous difference to the success of your business. The checkout is often the final interaction customers have with your team, making it your last chance to delight and impress. With this in mind, it’s important for cashiers to be courteous, smile, dress professionally, thank…

How to Maintain Store Compliance When Employees Don’t Meet Standards

Why do company and store standards get compromised? Do some team members just not care about maintaining store quality or is it that they simply aren’t aware of the standards in the first place? More importantly, how do you determine whether it’s one cause or another? The answer is simpler than many organizations make it…

How to Transform Operational Audits into Valuable Teaching Tools

I think we can all admit hearing the word “audit” doesn’t make us light up with glee. The term has gained a generally negative connotation for being a show of untrust––an inspection into our actions with the presumption that we’re doing something wrong. While many will point to a group of folks in Kansas City…

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Log & Task Management