Emma Leuman

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Customers to Your Store

The thought of scaling a marketing plan can be intimidating to brick-and-mortar retailers of any size. However, for those who are just starting out or operating locally, executing a fully-fleshed out marketing strategy can seem like an almost impossible task. Social media is a great entry point into the world of marketing for those who…

5 Pieces of Data That You Need from Your Retail Task Management Software

Basic retail task management software allows you to create to-do lists for your team, track their progress, and, if you’re lucky, gives you the ability to put together recurring checklists. The truth is, basic isn’t enough for your business. Your retail task management software should be doing more for you than just allowing you to…

5 Unique Uses for Taskle in Your Business

The day-to-day responsibilities of a multi-location operator are challenging. Consistency across each store is necessary for a great customer experience, but it can be difficult to ensure that tasks are being completed to your standard when there are so many areas of the business to keep track of. Taskle is a mobile task management and…

The Control Manager's Guide to Highly Effective
Log & Task Management
Log & Task Management