Cody Sheehy

Why Task Management Software is About More than Task Lists

When you look at the purpose of different task management tools, there are a lot of similarities. Simply put, they help you keep track of tasks and task lists so you know what you need to work on.  Sometimes they are notes that you make for yourself, and sometimes you have solutions that allow you…

Planning Ahead For Retail Task Management

It is no secret that retail stores have a lot of tasks that they need to take care of.  However, not everything that needs to get done happens on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  What about all of the annual events that you do or all of the holidays that you do special merchandising…

How to Use a Store Audit Software to Coach Your Team

Photo courtesy Ed Uthman. Click here for source. Sometimes in life, you do not get the result that you want.  The question from there is how do you respond and how do you fix it?  Do you just fix the problem, or are you finding the true cause?  Store audits, especially when used correctly to track…

The Control Manager's Guide to Highly Effective
Log & Task Management
Log & Task Management