Cody Sheehy

Why the Best Customer Service Often Starts Online

Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to know how late a store was open you would grab the phone book, look up its number, and then ask the clerk who picked up the phone.  While there are still a few customers who do things this way today, it is much more likely that someone will…

3 Pieces of Bad Advice that Won’t Lead to Process Improvement

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is an old cliché that fits some applications in life.  However, operations management is not one of them.  Process improvement needs to be continuous, and companies need to stay on top of the changing environment.   Certainly things can be working right now, but businesses cannot afford to…

Why Closed Loop Communication is So Important in Retail

Photo was cropped to fit post. Click here for source. For retailers, there is an endless list of tasks and things that need to get done on a daily basis.  Some things happen every day, and some happen on an as-needed basis.  While managers like to know that everything is getting done, this is just…

The Control Manager's Guide to Highly Effective
Log & Task Management
Log & Task Management