Alyssa Tollefson

Don’t Let Routine Prevent You From Providing the Best Customer Service

Scene The produce section of a grocery store. Act 1, Scene 1 A long-time grocery executive pays a visit to the store and notices some grapes on the floor. A produce employee is near by. EXECUTIVE: Excuse me, sir; there are a few grapes on the floor over there.

How to Improve Customer Loyalty

If you run a franchise company, chances are you’re not alone in your industry. However, there is a reason your customers choose you over your competitors. Here are ways you can improve your customer loyalty so your patrons continue to continue to choose you.

How does Customer Satisfaction Affect Sales?

Did you know that a full one star boost in Yelp scores could lead to a 5-9% increase in a restaurant’s revenue? This is evidence that customer satisfaction really does have an effect on sales. But this is true for every business, not just restaurants. Companies spend a lot of time figuring out how to…

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