Alyssa Tollefson

What is Silent Service and How Can I Start Using it Today?

Successful companies know that making customers happy is the number one thing you can do to generate business in the long term. Keeping prices fair and quality high are two of the best ways to keep customers satisfied each time they walk out the door. For most companies, this means gathering feedback and actively listening…

3 Quick Tips for Restaurant Quality Control Compliance Monitoring

When you’re running a restaurant, a lot of eyes are on you to provide food that is not only tasty, but is also safe to eat. There are measures you can take to keep your customers safe and happy, while not feeling like you constantly have to watch your back. In this post I’ll give…

3 Signs You Should Invest in a Quality Control System

Why do some companies have beautifully laid out stores and loyal customers while others can’t seem to get ahead? The successful stores are better at satisfying customers. Obvious, right? What’s not so obvious is how they do it. It comes down to their operations and their quality control system. Successful companies have invested a lot…

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Log & Task Management
Log & Task Management