5 Unique Uses for Taskle in Your Business

The day-to-day responsibilities of a multi-location operator are challenging. Consistency across each store is necessary for a great customer experience, but it can be difficult to ensure that tasks are being completed to your standard when there are so many areas of the business to keep track of.

Taskle is a mobile task management and operational auditing solution that simplifies your stores’ operations. It’s more than a checklist, bringing together information and data from each of your stores into one comprehensive space where you can generate reports that help you make informed business decisions.

We originally created Taskle with a few use cases in mind, but our customers have blown us away with the plethora of ways they are using this platform. Because our software is completely customizable, there are endless opportunities to digitize and streamline operational processes within your business. These are just a few of the unique ways our customers are using Taskle.


6 Unique Uses for Taskle in Your Business

Quality control

Let’s get straight to the heart of this post: the importance of consistency. No matter what sector of retail you’re in, we’re certain that you’re adamant about maintaining a specific level of quality control throughout your store locations. Taskle can help you with just that.

No matter what operational tasks your staff needs to complete, you can create a customized task list that holds them accountable for their work. From cleaning and sweep logs to food prep and re-stocking, Taskle gives you the ability as the operations manager to dictate how often a job needs to be completed, to determine the way it should be approached, and to check to see if each location is maintaining a high level of quality. This platform is your one-stop shop for peace of mind when it comes to consistency across locations.


Opening and closing logs

When employees arrive for the day, punch in, and turn on the lights, there is a list of things that they must accomplish before they can flip your store’s sign from closed to open. Instead of keeping track of those tasks manually in a binder, our customers are using Taskle to keep track of their opening and closing logs.

Hey, they’re even saving a few trees along the way.

Here’s the advantage: instead of each store having their own binder or clipboard where they keep track of the day’s tasks, Taskle allows you to view each of your location’s logs at a glance, identifying areas for improvement or concern. Not only will you get to skip storing filing cabinets worth of information that is probably never looked at twice, you’ll be able to analyze the data that Taskle provides about opening and closing processes and finally determine whether you can implement a change that would help you grow your business.

Digitizing these tasks also allows your employees to work together as a team to make sure everything is being completed before your store opens or closes for the day. Teams can get through a checklist without duplicated efforts or confusion. Begone clipboard limitations!



When it comes to merchandising, you want to make sure that each of your locations is following best practices and adhering to your company’s standards. Customers expect a level of consistency from location to location, and a visual task such as merchandising can be hard to effectively explain to employees and even harder to execute correctly.

Taskle gives employees a simplified version of a merchandising to-do list, photographic examples of a how a display should look, and provides them with accountability to follow-through accurately on these tasks. As a store operator, you can log in to Taskle and see which of your locations have completed their routine merchandising, relying on visual and written confirmation to ensure that the implementation is up to your standards, and which locations need to be followed-up with.



It’s not the most exciting job, but someone has to do it! Maintenance is a critical part of your staff’s everyday responsibilities. Without consistent check-ins with your equipment, you could run into a malfunction that costs you a serious amount of money – or, in the case of supermarkets and convenience stores, your customer’s health.

Think about it: how many pieces of equipment are located in each of your stores? You know that you’re supposed to check them every 3, 6, or 12 months, but do you really know if they’re being looked at? When was the last time you consulted your manual internal checklist to make sure that these assignments were being completed?

Taskle allows you to create recurring tasks within our platform so you can ensure that your equipment is being checked regularly and that routine maintenance is being performed. Once again, proof of completion is imperative for these duties, and Taskle gives you photo evidence that your employees have finished the job.


Store walks

On-the-ground, in-person audits are vital to the success of your stores. Enter: store walks. Store walks are a common practice in many sectors of retail, wherein a field team is sent to a location in order to identify performance gaps and increase consistency across locations. We’re sensing a theme here!

The thing is, manual checklists don’t do the field teams’ work justice. As a store operator yourself, it’s unlikely that you have enough time to flip through multiple pages of insights from each location. It would be much simpler if you could see your entire company’s performance at a glance.

That’s where Taskle comes in. When utilized in a store walk, Taskle gives field teams the opportunity to follow a systemized process for their audit and keep track of their progress digitally. Task management software gives you an edge with a mobile solution that immediately notifies your field team of repeat fails while on-site, increases their audit efficiency, automatically sends out summary reports, and compiles each visit into long-term performance insights.


Taskle allows you to go beyond the limitations of a basic paper checklist. Not only can you use this platform to ensure quality control within your stores, you can get creative with the customizable software to create task boards for any area of your business operations. These examples from our customers are just the beginning. Imagine what you could do in your business with a system like Taskle.

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