4 Tips for Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Receipts

By on January 27, 2015 | Topics: Marketing, Quality Control

Every retailer and business owner wants to know what customers are thinking when they patronize their business – did they achieve customer satisfaction or were there things they could have done better?  One of the most cost effective ways to get that information is through surveys, and technology has made it easier than ever in recent years to gather that information.  However, how can you stand out to get more people to fill out your surveys?

Mobile Surveys

As the minutes pass by after a customer’s visit, the likelihood of them filling out the survey goes down.  The accuracy of the information goes down as well, because memories fade quickly.  Make it is easy as possible for customers to access the survey online with their smart phone by including a QR Code.  That should not be the only way to get to the survey, because some people will still prefer to answer the questions on a computer by accessing a site, but having more options can lead to more responses.

Change Up the Reward

There are two basic categories for rewards that are given for filling out a survey for a business.  The first is an entry into a drawing for a large prize, either a large gift card or cash prize.  The second is a small reward that everyone gets, such as a free appetizer or discount on food.  Each one appeals to different types of people, and will get different responses.  One way to take advantage of this difference is to change up the offering for completing the survey.  You do not necessarily even have to change between the categories, but offer a different small reward every few months, or change from one $5000 gift card to five $1000 gift cards.  Some people may like the free food item a restaurant offers, but other may not, giving them no incentive to participate.  When it comes to drawings, some people will be attracted by the higher number, while others will like have a greater chance to win.

Change It Up

Like prizes that stay stagnant, a lot of companies continually use the same survey questions. That can lead to auto-pilot survey takers who are quickly filling out the survey because they already know the questions by heart. These people aren’t giving you valuable information on their level of customer satisfaction because it most likely does not accurately describe their experience. They just want a free appetizer! Change up your questions from time to time to keep the data fresh.

Shorten The Survey Up

While surveys are written with the goal of getting the information pertinent to the business, never forget the survey taker experience aspect of it.  Their time is worth something too. Thus, the longer the survey, the less likely someone is to complete it. Instead of focusing on the quantity of questions asked, focus on the quality of the questions. Will the questions you ask lead to valuable insights that drive growth? If not, cut them. If so, and your list of questions is still too long, go back to the prior tip of changing up your questions from time to time. Over time, you will be able to ask all the questions you are curious about.

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