3 Valuable Tips to Keep Up with Store Audits at Multiple Locations

By on July 24, 2014 | Topics: Store Audits/Walks

If you have multiple stores spread across a state or region, visiting each to complete store audits can be a hassle. You may also find that you visit some on a regular basis and others just a couple times a year. The problem is you aren’t able to verify conditions are at their best in your less-visited stores. It’s one thing to receive a completed checklist, but it’s another thing to see that those tasks are being completed.

Sometimes it may also seem like you’re holding your nearer locations to higher standards than those that are far away simply because they are visited more often. Think about it, if you know your boss is going to be around, you’re on your best behavior. So, to achieve brand consistency maybe it’s time to disperse your visits more evenly across locations so you can keep up with performance management at all of your stores. Below are some tips to help you do that.

Use Find the Best Route to schedule your trip.

If you’re within driving distance to all of your stores, a route finder will save you time. It allows you to enter the addresses and then it schedules an optimized route for you. You can then print, download, or export your directions.

Determine the type of visit ahead of time.

Some managers have different reasons for visiting a store. Sometimes you’re visiting to see a certain area of the store, sometimes you’re visiting to complete a full store audit, or sometimes you’re just checking in. Having a set checklist – and sticking to it – will allow you to stay on schedule. That doesn’t mean avoid issues as they arise, but if issues can be handled at a later time, just make a note and carry on.

Set up a rotation schedule.

Maybe you have too many stores to visit in a single trip. That’s totally understandable, but doesn’t mean you should give some stores less attention. Setting up a rotation schedule will help you organize dates and locations so that you can make it to all your stores more consistently.

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